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Business Hours:

Our store is open for business 24/7 and as outlined below:

We operate Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm, EST only. These are our ‘Business Days and Hours’. We do NOT operate during weekends, all federal holiday’s, vacation days.

Questions About Our Items & Products:

Please feel free to write and ask us any questions that you may have in regards to our items and products 24/7. Someone usually will respond to your question within an hour. Questions in regards to shipping and how to's are ignored as the people that answer questions do not have access to that information.

Rules & Policies – Buyers

Please read before you click the buy it now button as once you do, you will agree to adhere to and observe ‘OUR’ posted terms of sale both within our listings and this store. We are a fair and friendly company to do business with, but we do have rules and reasons for those rules and will ONLY work within them. We strive to be fair and protect both us and the buyer. Fraud and unfair business will NOT be tolerated by anyone!

These policies apply to and are in force for all of our stores, Real and On-line.

CountryLeadWorks2013, CountryLeadWorks, CountryBulletWorks and Dandridge Handmade all governed by The Backwoodz Executives.

As matters arise, we reserve the right to change and or amend ANY of our policies and rules at anytime, for any reason, without any notice.
  1. ALL orders, agreements, issues, matters and or complaints are required to be in English text ‘Writing’. Anything NOT in this writing does not exist, is not known and will not be honored or accepted. This applies to all buyers, sellers, Etsy, Paypal and all persons involved.
  2. We reserve the right, to cancel and refund any order, to any person, for any reason, at anytime without any explanation to anyone, Period.
  3. The excuse ‘I didn’t see that or read that’ will NOT be accepted as a valid excuse pertaining to ANY of our listings, items or policies as they are posted here and made public for the buyers viewing.
Hold Harmless and Matter of Law:

The buyer is 'solely' responsible to understand, observe and obey, all of the local, state and federal laws and restrictions of their location or the location they choose to have our items or products shipped, in 'any' regards to the items or products that we sell. The buyer agrees to 'Hold Harmless' The Backwoodz Executives, this store, any other companies it owns, it's agents and or its employees (if any), for 'any' legal issues that may arise from the purchase of our items or products. The buyer further waives all right to any and all 'Due Process' or matter of law outside the Jurisdiction of the County of Jefferson, State of Tennessee.